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GMU's CAPH hosts the website for the Virginia College Alcohol Leadership Council (VA CALC), with resources about state and national initiatives to address drug and alcohol abuse.




George Mason University’s Center for the Advancement of Public Health (GMU’s CAPH) assists organizations and individuals as they promote health and safety. Established in 1986, GMU’s CAPH offers a range of resources and services designed to add value to local, state and national initiatives. Engaging university-based expertise and resources with community-oriented applications, GMU’s CAPH focuses on applied strategies that blend sound foundations with meaningful strategies.

GMU’s CAPH operates with six underlying principles:

  • Approaches benefit from being broad-based and comprehensive
  • Initiatives should include a conceptually grounded research foundation
  • Cultural considerations must be incorporated into planning and implementation
  • Evaluation is an integral part of the programmatic planning process, beginning at the initial stages
  • Targeted applications should be realistic and reasonable
  • Existing resources should be utilized where possible

Numerous projects and activities engaged in by GMU’s CAPH focus primarily on selected topic areas, primarily surrounding substance abuse. Specifically, resources and expertise are based on alcohol, tobacco, and substance abuse prevention overall. In addition, HIV/AIDS prevention and services are highlighted. Further, a wide range of resources and research has been conducted on numerous topic areas associated with traffic safety.

The main focus of GMU’s CAPH has been with youth development, with a primary emphasis upon college-based initiatives. Evaluation and research services focus, to a large extent, upon the traditional college-age student. Other resources focus on youth of all ages, whether directly applicable or for program planners serving youth. Community leaders and policy makers serve as another major source for which resources and strategies are provided by GMU’s CAPH.

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Center for the Advancement of Public Health


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